I have a 2020 Ultra Limited that I bought a Speedway HD. I have 14900 miles on the bike when the bike began blowing fuses that control the water pump and the fans for the cooling system. A electrical problem can be very hard to find on any type of motorized vehicle. I dropped off the bike on 6/4/ 2022 and picked up the bike on 8/06/2022. My hat is off to the awesome team that helped me to get my bike back to me so I can enjoy riding. Dennis and Al kept me informed on the process from the start to the finish. A special thanks to the tech Shawn Boles for his work on my bike. Shawn's professionalism is showed by the work he has done on my bike. The hours that were spent just looking for this problem and then the hours fixing the problem. It was done professionally and so far has corrected the issue. Speedway HD is a great organization and I will continue to do business with Speedway HD. Thanks again guys, see you soon. (Employee: Al Andresen, Dennis Tallent, Shawn Boles)
Joe Propst
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