Road Glide purchase for Noel
I called Speedway at about 430 to ask if they had any 15 and up RGs in stock 20k and under. Mike D. quickly said hey man I got a 21 in that range. I was in my way to look at another bike in Salisbury. Mike got the deal worked up so quickly and the owner even jumped in to help us. I made it there at about 15 minutes till they closed and Mike Boling got all of my paperwork setup and all I had to do was sign some paperwork and Noel picked her new bike up the next day. Mike D. washed it and help me surprise her with an elaborate story of her picking up an oil filter for me that turned out to be her new bike. Thank you to Mike D., Mike B. and the owner for making my purchase so easy and hassle free, not to mention the help with the oil filter story to make her surprise that much better. Thanks Speedway Family! (Employee: Mike Diaz, Mike Boling)
Angelo Orr
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