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Can't express my sincere gratitude for this Sales Leadership Team and Sales team. I came in to the dealership late one evening in May and this team stayed 2 1/2 hours past closing to help me pick out a new 24 Road Glide and both Ben and Brady made it back to dealership after leaving because i got caught in traffic. I purchased the 24 Shark Skin and man what a great ride. Lets fast forward several weeks and 3 other Road Glides in color. That's right Ben and bis team worked with me patiently each time as I traded through the SHARK Skin, Whisky Fire, Black on Chrome and now the Black on Black for the FINAL decision in color. They again walked ne through the sale alomg woth trade in process as if I was again a new customer. Thanks again team and if it wasn't for each, I probably would be still looking. Please reach put to this team for your next HD purchase. Michael Ventura (Employee: Brady Harmon, Ben Pellowe, Mike Boling, Jesse Doby)
Michael Ventura
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